What career is more fun, ultrasound technician, or x-ray technician?

The Ultrasound technician makes clear images of the patient’s internal organs and soft tissues to help diagnose the registered doctor of medicine, medical condition of the patient. Just like the Ultrasound tech, the x ray technician body parts, which are photographed by the physician is required is the patient responsible in getting clear images. What career is more fun with duties and responsibilities of the x ray technician and ultrasound tech?

One of the most important ultrasound technician request is, that must you complete the Ultrasound technician programs such as such as the certificate program, map two-year programme and four-year Bachelor’s degree program. During the one-year certificate programs for medical professionals who are the employees and Bachelor degree programs for high school graduates are provided. The educational requirement, x ray technician is also with the ultrasound technician. There is also a certificate program, associate degree and Bachelor’s degree to be x ray tech. Continue reading >>

Average Ultrasound Tech Salary

Average Ultrasound Tech Salary

Source: indeed.com

Ultrasound technicians enjoy a fast paced work environment, high pay, and great benefits. The ultrasound technician salary can depend on several different factors, and this article takes a look at all the different possibilities open to an ultrasound technician.

Every technical career is subject to a wide range of influencing factors that affect the salary of that position. Factors aside however, the average ultrasound technician salary is a little over $57,000 plus benefits. Some of the factors that are going to change that number are of course your level of education, the amount of experience you have on the job site, and your place of employment.

There are two types of degrees available to ultrasound technicians: Bachelor’s and Associate’s. An Associate’s degree is usually given after successful completion of a two year Associate’s course. To get a Bachelor’s degree, you will have to go to school for at least another year and your classwork will include more intricate details of the profession. The upside of this is that with a Bachelor’s degree you’ll be able to start earning a higher ultrasound technician salary right from the beginning.

The upper salary limit for an ultrasound technician is around $78,000. This is given to technicians with a Bachelor’s degree and several years of on-site experience. As a newcomer in the field, you would probably be looking at closer to $45,000, which is still a respectable entry level salary compared to other career types. The biggest benefit of being an ultrasound technician is that there is no limit to how high you can go. Continue reading >>

Ultrasound Technician Courses

Ultrasound Technician CoursesIn general ultrasound technician courses are part of undergraduate certificate, associate degree, or bachelor’s degree programs.  At times, they may form part of a diagnostic medical program that will allow the graduate to function as a sonographer by assisting medical professionals on the operation of an ultrasound machine.  The courses for ultrasound technician may also include practical training to operate x-ray equipment as well as interpreting diagnostic scans.

Responsibilities of Graduates of Ultrasound Technician Courses

After completion of your ultrasound tech courses you can function as a sonographer in the healthcare industry, and by the way, this will help you get a higher ultrasound technician salary later on. You may also be assigned the responsibilities of diagnostic medical sonographer or a diagnostic imaging professional.

Essentially, you will be working with high frequency waves to capture high resolution images of the internal organs of the human body.  One of the most common uses of ultrasound technology is to monitor fetal growth in pregnant women.

Completion of ultrasound technician courses essentially makes the graduate a functional member of the healthcare industry.  This means that they can work in hospitals, clinics, or assist in private practices of medical professionals. Continue reading >>

Ultrasound Technician Salary

One good thing about medicine and the healthcare industry is that advances in technology can be used to make the practice of medicine beneficial to humanity. Over the years, new scientific discoveries have helped doctors and other healthcare professionals to do a much better job. Some modern equipment have also helped these professionals take better care of their patients. One medical equipment which has done humanity a world of good is the ultrasound machine. This is the machine used by the medical sonographer and people who are interested in this branch of medicine may need to know details of the ultrasound technician salary.

Understanding the concept of ultrasonography:

Ultrasonography is also called sonography. This is a simple and safe medical procedure which uses high frequency sound waves to produce images of internal organs in different parts of the body. This procedure is also used to get visual images of tissues and the flow of blood in the body. This procedure is called an ultrasound scan or a sonogram. The good thing about a sonogram is that it is very safe. Unlike an X-ray, this procedure does not use radiation. This is why it can be used to examine different parts of the body like the abdomen, the breasts, the heart, the prostate and the female reproductive system. Continue reading >>

Ultrasound Technician Training

Ultrasound Technician TrainingUltrasound technician training is highly important and required for a career in ultrasonography. Ultrasound technicians, or sonographers as they are often called, use equipment that transmits sound waves to the body in order to capture images of a patient’s internal organs. This is a popular field and the number of technicians needed in hospitals is growing.

Ultrasound technician training begins long before a student is introduced to any imaging equipment. Schools which offer certifications and degrees in this career field prefer a candidate to have a solid background of science, math, and/or computer technology, usually acquired in high school. Reading and writing proficiency are also taken into account when evaluating an applicant for admission into a ultrasound technician program. Continue reading >>