Tips for a Professional Ultrasound Technician Resume

Ultrasound Technician ResumeWhile it’s true that ultrasound technician jobs are plentiful, you still have to do your homework if you’re going to land that all-important interview. This requires having a resume that stands out from the competition.

Despite the fact that composing an attention-getting ultrasound technician resume isn’t as difficult as you may think, it’s surprising how many people get it wrong. But this can work to your advantage if you are careful to include some basic, but important elements which, immediately, make the right type of impression on the prospective employer.

This “first impression” is usually obtained during a quick scan of your resume. You may be surprised to learn that it’s rare an employer will read your resume in detail. So you must be sure to catch their eye with brief, but easy-to-read information.

Be sure to double and triple-check your spelling and grammar. Get a fresh eye by having a friend or family member read the resume for errors.

Tips for a Professional Ultrasound Technician Resume

You will want to include the following elements in your ultrasound technician resume to communicate your “fit” for the position:

1. Adherence to instructions contained in the job posting.

Before you begin compiling your resume and cover letter, make sure you read the job posting carefully so you are sure to provide the exact information requested. Anything more or anything less will let the employer know you don’t know how to follow directions. This carelessness can quickly land your resume in the trash.

2. Your Contact Information

You can’t get an interview if the employer doesn’t know how to contact you. Be sure to include your full name, physical or mailing address, email address, and phone numbers (both home and cell).

3. Statement of Job Objective

This is essential in your ultrasound technician resume. This statement should clearly communicate the type and level (entry, intermediate or advanced) of position you’re interested in. Ideally, your objective should match the job you’re applying for.

4. Employment History

If this is the first time you are applying for ultrasound technician jobs, you should list your previous places of employment, along with an explanation of how these jobs helped you cultivate skills in the areas of problem solving and communication, both of which you will need as an ultrasound technician.

Of course, if you have previous experience in the ultrasound field, you should include a complete list of employers, including dates, locations and a detailed description of the duties you performed.

5. Education History

In this section list the name and location of the school(s) you attended, the degree or certification earned, and concentrated area of study.

6. References

References are commonly presented at the time of the interview. However, some employers may request that a list of references accompany the initial submission of the cover letter and resume.

If you include these elements when you apply for ultrasound technician jobs, your chances for serious consideration will be greatly increased.

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